Developing next-generation XR products and systems at BMW


Contracted as a Mixed Reality Interaction Designer at the headquarters in Munich, Germany. My team was focused on researching and developing HMI (Human Machine Interactions) products to ultimately be released within the next 5-7 years.


    During CES 2024, the BMW team presented work that I contributed to during my time.


    • Led the end-to-end development of a real-time, interactive Mixed Reality (MR) product utilizing Unreal Engine and state-of-the-art headsets under fast paced, tight corporate deadline.
    • Designed various AR applications to express ideas and present to my team for weekly reviews. Packaged and handed off approved assets to the engineering team for integration.
    • Created 3D renderings in Blender, Unity, and Unreal Engine to be displayed on various displays. Tasks included virtual cinematics, materials and texturing using PBR based workflows, Unity scripting and UE blueprints, special effects, character rigging and animation, and workflows between various software.
    • Worked extensively with VFX graph (Unity), Niagara (Unreal Engine), and Particle Systems (Blender) as well as built custom shaders to prototype novel effects that translate across multiple platforms.
    • I was invited to present my work to the BMW board at their annual conference. The project then was approved and selected for the next rounds of innovation.
    • Proposed and collaborated on several novel inventions culminating in being credited with signing two patents (details coming soon).