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Easel AI

Lead Product Designer at Easel. An AI-powered personal avatar app directly in iMessage

As Lead Product Designer, I spearheaded the design process, from conceptualization to the development of a cohesive design system, ensuring every interface is intuitive, brand-aligned, and fosters a creative social interaction. An AI-first social chat experience, Easel AI transforms how users connect and express themselves through photorealistic and creative avatars. Integrated seamlessly within iMessage, it invites users to create, remix, and share avatars in novel and imaginative ways.

2023 - Present
Lead Product Designer
Figma, Stable Diffusion XL, After Effects, Unreal Engine, Premiere Pro, Design Thinking, User Studies


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Easel AI stands out by enriching communication with personalized, AI-powered avatars, making every interaction memorable and uniquely expressive.

    User Interface Design

    Crafted user-centric interfaces for Easel AI's app, emphasizing simplicity and intuitiveness while remaining true to our brand guidelines. My role extended to designing a low-friction onboarding process for avatar training and implementing a system for gathering and acting on user feedback for continual updates.

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    Collaborating with a skilled engineering team, we crafted a backend system that abstracts intricate prompt engineering, accepting simple user inputs. This method demystifies AI for users, encouraging everyday creativity while ensuring outputs are diverse, realistic, and deeply personal, thereby enhancing the social chat experience."

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    Feature Development

    Developed a comprehensive design system that scales, fostering the integration of key features such as diverse avatar styles, text overlays, and an explore feed, thereby enriching user interaction. Simultaneously, I led a synergistic effort among product, engineering, and AI teams to ensure seamless workflows, facilitating the successful realization of these product features.


    Oversaw the design, implementation, and launch of our most recent major feature: multiplayer capabilities, a complex project that emphasized ethical consent and real-time user interaction. This role involved navigating the challenges of integrating seamless, consent-based multiplayer experiences, culminating in the development of compelling launch assets to ensure user engagement and understanding

    Brand Identity and Design System Development

    Defined and evolved the Easel AI brand, establishing a visual language through logos, typefaces, and color schemes that resonate with our diverse user base.

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