Clear Canvas

Reimagining Retail: Elegantly showcasing the affordances of a novel form of digital signage

Unveiled at the NRF retail technology expo in 2024, Standard Vision introduced Clear Canvas, a transparent screen technology set to transform retail spaces. In collaboration with their team, we created eye-catching graphics that illustrate the technology’s unique capabilities, from enhancing customer engagement to showcasing products in novel ways.

2023 // Standard Vision
3D Graphic Design
Sunny Chen


At the NRF Expo 2024 in New York, Standard Vision introduced Clear Canvas, a groundbreaking transparent screen technology, that can revolutionize retail experiences. This innovation allows for dynamic, interactive displays that blend seamlessly into retail environments.


    Our goal was to create modern, visually captivating graphics that underscore the innovative capabilities of Clear Canvas's transparent screen technology for retail experiences.


    Each graphic we developed serves to highlight a distinct affordance of the transparent screen technology:

    01 // Transparency Effect

    02 // Bounding Box Scale

    03 // Dynamic Content Integration

    04 // Creative Possibilities

    Each of these graphics not only underscores the innovative features of Clear Canvas's transparent screen technology but also showcases our ability to blend creativity with technology to push the boundaries of retail experiences.


    Collaboration was key in our journey to innovation. Working closely with the Clear Canvas team, we brainstormed ideas, developed concepts, and iterated designs. Our focus remained on creating high-quality assets that adhere to specific specifications, ensuring each graphic not only looked stunning but also served its purpose effectively.