Beyond The Infinite

A Virtual Production Odyssey

For the 2023 Cinegear Expo in Los Angeles, our team showcased our in-house soundstage's capabilities by blending physical and digital elements to recreate "2001: A Space Odyssey's" opening sequence. Using Unreal Engine, I crafted a realistic desert scene that integrated with physical props, demonstrating the fusion of traditional and innovative filmmaking techniques. This immersive experience paid homage to cinema's history while previewing the future of storytelling.

2023 // Standard Vision
Virtual Production, In Camera VFX
Unreal Engine


Our goal was to spotlight the virtual production space's potential, attracting new business and networking opportunities at the expo.


The project leveraged the cutting-edge technology soundstages equipped with large-scale LED screens, to create immersive virtual backgrounds using game engines like Unreal Engine. This innovative approach, popularized by its use in the TV series "The Mandalorian," offers numerous advantages for film production.

ICVFX enables realistic bounce lighting, parallax effects through the synchronization of virtual and physical cameras, and the affordance of controlled environments that also allow for real-time changes in background scenery. This technology not only enhances the visual storytelling but also creates a more engaging environment for actors, facilitating a more authentic performance. The use of ICVFX represents a significant shift in filmmaking, merging the physical and digital worlds to achieve unprecedented levels of realism and flexibility on set.


For this project, the challenge was to compose a desert scene reminiscent of the iconic intro scene from "2001: A Space Odyssey."

This involved careful shot composition, including a detailed day/night sequence, to capture the essence of the original film while showcasing the capabilities of our virtual production space. The process required a robust pipeline for color correction, especially challenging given that the assets were delivered just a day before the event.

This tight turnaround necessitated quick adaptation and precise calibration to ensure that the digital environment seamlessly matched the physical set pieces. The goal was to create an experience that was not only visually stunning but also faithful to the atmospheric and thematic elements of the source material, demonstrating the potential of virtual production technology to recreate and enhance classic cinematic moments.

Project Outcomes

The project was a resounding success, achieving its aim of demonstrating the potential of in-house virtual production technologies and attracting interest from industry professionals. It highlighted the benefits of using LED volumes for enhanced realism and storytelling, sparking interest in the future of virtual production. The positive reception affirmed the industry's readiness for innovative filmmaking technologies.